Taking on the role of a site administrator is an exciting opportunity to help your institution reach its assessment goals. The success of any assessment tool depends on many factors, including existing culture and processes, clear expectations and support, and closing the loop.

What do the most successful site administrators do? The pro-tips below have all been offered by site administrators using the Planning tool. 

Assessment Calendars and Milestones

Pro-tip: To stay organized, make a site administration calendar for the year
Pro-tip: Create deadlines and send reminders to users
Pro-tip: Have an "assessment day" or week where assessment training and/or closing the loop is the priority
Pro-tip: Keep your users informed of any updates in Planning as updates may affect their workflow

A great time to chart the year ahead is when you open a new time period in Planning. You can use the opportunity to complete site maintenance, such as organizational chart edits, copying data, and creating new Assessment Cycle Dashboards to mark key deadlines. You can also update and re-publish guidelines, dates to remember, and other key information your users need to know. The Announcements feature can be used to draw attention to any updates. 

Training and Documentation

Pro-tip: Make sure your documentation is thorough for training 
Pro-tip: Whether you train users in-person or remotely, think about ways to make the training interactive
Pro-tip:  Get feedback on how the process is going for faculty/staff/users

It is essential to create a training plan before beginning a tool roll-out. Training can take many forms: user guides, drop-in hours, recorded video walk-throughs, or live training sessions on your campus. Interacting with your users and getting feedback on a regular basis can help you understand their questions and needs. To get started, review our resource on creating End-User Modules.

The Anthology Academy also offers training subscription packages if you wish to supplement your own training of users.

Support On-Campus and Beyond

Pro-tip: Utilize liaisons (campus champions) to share the load of how important assessment is
Pro-tip: Leverage Anthology consulting and resources to support your efforts

Although you are an essential part of the success of Planning on your campus, improvement and accountability are shared by everyone. To build a culture of assessment, you need to be able to communicate your needs to key stakeholders across departments and divisions in order to receive support. Review our resource on creating an assessment committee on-campus

Download the How to Thrive hand-out for even more pro-tips and an action plan for site success.