The Related Items Progress display is an aggregated view of the Progress field status for Related Items supporting an Item. This data is automatically generated and shown when there are supporting child items related to a plan item.

The aggregated progress status is a quick overview of the data available via the Related Item Progress Export which can be found in the Settings / Exports & Imports section of Planning.



In the screen example above:

The Supported By (number) is a total count of related child items.

A – is an item that is related up (Supports) to a parent item and does not have any child (Supported By) items. In this case there is no Supported By items and the data block is not shown.

B – is an item where the aggregated count does not match the related down Supported By total. This would be a result of not all related child items having a Progress field status selected. 

C – is an item where the full count of Supported By items are accounted for in the aggregated status count.