The Related Item Progress Export is helpful for institutions looking to visualize the progress of related items in an analytics tool such as PowerBI or Tableau. This export provides progress field status for all related items in the system.


To export your data, navigate to Settings > Exports & Imports > Related Item Progress




The columns included in this report are:

  • ItemID: Unique Identifier for the item (system generated)
  • PlanName: The name of the plan the item template is a part of
  • Template Item Number: Numeric Identifier for the item (user added, if applicable)
  • ItemName: Name for the item (user added)
  • Progress: Currently selected progress indicator for the item (user added)
  • Start/End Date: Currently selected start and end date for the item (user added)
  • Providing Org Unit ID: Unique identifier for the organizational unit where the item is housed (system generated). To find the names of providing org units, navigate to Exports & Imports > Org Unit Data
  • ChildItemIDs: Unique system-generated identifer(s) for the child units of the item, created via related items
  • [Progress Indicator] Count Fields: These columns identifier the number of child units who have the progress indicator currently selected. The titles of these are determined in Settings > General Settings