This resource is designed to help campuses understand their Unit Level Assessment Cycle Dashboards. If users have yet to create an assessment cycle, please look at this resource, which provides a step-by-step guide on how to do that. Users can also follow this link to learn more about Planning Intelligence using Assessment Cycles. As a reminder, only Planning Site Admins will have the ability to set up Assessment Cycles

Assigning Permissions to Unit Level Assessment Cycles

Site Administrators can grant unit-level administrators access to view assessment cycle dashboard details from Settings > Permissions. Navigating to the unit level, simply click on the assessment cycle permission icon. Green icons are enabled permissions; blue icons are restricted permissions.


Assessment cycle dashboard permissions are inherited down to child units, so a permission granted at a parent unit will allow someone to view dashboard details for all child units they are overseeing. Unit-level assessment cycle administrators will gain the assessment cycle dashboard on their homepage, and it will include all units they have permission to see for any assessment cycle their units have been included in. Unit-level assessment cycle administrators do not have permission to set up their own assessment cycles.

Accessing Unit Level Assessment Cycles

Unit Level Assessment Cycles can be accessed by selecting contributing units from the Assessment Cycles’ Assessment Phase Status in the Detail View. Please see this article on navigating and accessing your Assessment Cycles.

The detailed view lists contributing organizational units by Assessment Phase status. You can open up a particular Assessment Phase status to see a list of what units qualify for that status. You can click on the Organizational Unit name to access that Unit Level Assessment Dashboard for a specific unit.


Understanding your Data in the Unit Level Dashboard

The rest of this resource will describe and explain data in the Unit Level Assessment Cycle Dashboard. Please note, the Unit Level Dashboard contains information on the entire assessment cycle, for the specific organizational unit. Each phase of the cycle is navigable at the unit level.

The specific unit’s name will appear below the Assessment Cycle title.




The unit level dashboard starts immediately with details about each phase requirement. Each row of the unit level dashboard corresponds to a required field from the institutional assessment cycle requirements. The Unit Level Detailed View report contains seven columns with different pieces of information. Please note, this data is reflective of the chosen assessment cycle phase from the tabs above the detailed view.

  • Template/Field: This will display the template name and the specific data field in hierarchical order for a specific phase requirement. Template names will appear first. Each template will be followed by any required field within that template, in hierarchical order.
  • Required: This will list the required number of a particular item that must be included for that requirement to be fulfilled.
  • Created: This will list the number of items that have been fulfilled for a particular phase requirement.
  • Missing: This will list the number of missing fields from a particular phase requirement. 
  • Responsible User: This will display the Responsible User name for a specific phase requirement. If no responsible user was assigned, this field will be blank .
  • Last Edited: This will show the most recent date that any of the item(s) fulfilling the criteria for the assessment cycle was updated by a user. It will be blank if the item has never been edited.

Requirements are also color coded. Green indicated that the required item has been completed and orange indicates the required item has yet to be completed.

Unit Level Filters

The Unit Level Detailed View also allows users to sort their data using two drop-down menus located above the column headers. 

  • View: Users can filter the data by the requirement status. View options are No data, Partial, or Fulfilled.
  • Sort: Users can sort the data by the column names to get unique views of your assessment cycle data. Sort options are Status, Template, Last Edited.

Navigating Unit Level Dashboard

Once in the Unit Level Dashboard, users can navigate between units in the same assessment cycle easily by using the navigational arrows on the bottom of the page. To move to the next unit level dashboard, select the unit-labeled navigational arrow located on the bottom right of the screen. To move to the previous unit level dashboard, select the unit-labeled navigational arrow located on the bottom left of the screen.