We want to share with the Member Campus community some product updates our Elevate attendees heard first-hand. 


Working Smarter, Not Harder. 

We are committed to a product development roadmap that helps you reduce the number of steps in your assessment processes and have better experiences with your data. So, what new features are resonating with Member Campuses? 


Monitoring the Assessment Cycle with Planning Intelligence. 

Our new Planning assessment cycle feature helps member institutions track unit-level progress on reporting requirements on a dynamic dashboard in Planning.


If you’ve experienced the benefits for yourself and wished you could get unit-level assessment liaisons on board, we have great news!  

In development right now are: 

  • A unit-level assessment cycle dashboard for assessment liaisons in Planning 
  • Email notifications out of Planning for unit-level administrators to inform them of progress toward fulfilment of assessment cycle reporting requirements and deadlines 


Outcomes + Canvas. Instant Results. 

A few Member Campuses are already leveraging our new Outcomes integration with Canvas—choosing to allow most faculty members to exclusively use familiar learning management system tools instead of Campus Labs for assessment. This integration lets institutions move away from a complicated assessment process that requires widespread adoption across campus in multiple pieces of technology. Instead, integration is managed in three steps taken once or twice a year by only a few people.  



What’s Next for Assessment Management at Campus Labs? 

We’re just getting started! Here is what we have in view for our “work smarter, not harder” roadmap: 

  • Additional Planning assessment cycle configuration options 
  • A revamp of the Planning related items user experience 
  • Self-service onboarding and maintenance of Outcomes organizational charts and time periods 
  • Outcomes data export 
  • Outcomes integrations with additional learning management systems for instant course-level data aggregation 
  • Enhanced Outcomes reporting 


Until next time!