Our Member Campuses who attended last month’s HLC conference and WSCUC's Academic Resource Conference got a sneak peek at an exciting development on the horizon, and we are finally ready to share the news with everyone! Campus Labs® Planning will soon be updated with functionality that will make your progress monitoring and gap analysis reporting easier, smarter, and more accurate. 


Announcing: Planning Intelligence


With this upcoming development, you will be able to:

  • Document institutional expectations at each phase of the assessment cycle, including due dates and completion criteria.
  • Visualize institutional progress through the assessment cycle on a dynamic site administrator dashboard.
  • Identify institutional units overdue for reporting deadlines at a glance in real-time.


Your Foundation for Continuous Improvement 

Planning Intelligence is an important first step to building structure and process-orientation into your customized annual reporting plan. This feature will help you not only monitor progress for accountability, but also improve your institutional assessment approach and processes to support best practices in continuous improvement throughout the assessment cycle. 


Getting Ready 

Planning Intelligence will be released initially to Planning site administrators only, so you don’t have to worry just yet about preparing your faculty and staff. To better understand the ideas that went into development, watch our recorded webinar on the subject. To start outlining your assessment cycle timeline(s) and how their reporting expectations map to your Planning templates, download our worksheet. And be sure to let your consultant know you’re looking forward to the development—it’s a great time to start a conversation about what this functionality will unlock for you! 


Join us at Elevate this July

Elevate is a don’t-miss event for you, our Planning user! Learn from fellow Member Campuses about their use of Planning, refresh your knowledge in quick training sessions, and hear directly from our product team about the future of the platform, including Planning Intelligence. Our consultants, product, and development teams can’t wait to see you in Baltimore! 

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The Campus Labs Team