Do you have important assessment reporting deadlines coming up this spring semester? If so, you’re in good company. Data shows that February – June is a common time period for institutions to close the loop on assessment data. In order to check in on completion of needed documentation, we know it's important that you have tools to manage permissions and responsibilities in Campus Labs® Planning.  


To help you manage site access this semester, we are excited to announce user and permissions exports out of Planning. With these two new export options, site administrators can:

  • View a single user's permissions across multiple levels of the organizational chart 
  • Easily filter in Excel to find and verify users with global site administrator access 
  • Determine user access to templates, reports, documents, and permission management
  • Cultivate a list of user email addresses for external communication


To download user information, navigate to Settings, and then Exports



Now is the perfect time to review and understand permission levels, as well as how to add users and update their information. Remember that email addresses are important. They are the means by which you can easily share reports with constituents. 


What other tools do you need to monitor progress as the end of your assessment cycle nears? Let our product team know! Your feedback will inform development as we help institutions drive continuous improvement. 



The Campus Labs Team