Bringing all the pieces together. Integration.  

Connecting data between your student learning assessment and institutional planning processes is at the core of our mission at Campus Labs. To that end, we are pleased to announce a new integration that will enable our Planning users to incorporate Chalk & Wire rubrics data into Planning reports. 

With a click, assessment data collected in Chalk & Wire can now be connected to the institution’s assessment planning templates. This release gives Planning site administrators the ability to add a new Campus Labs source field to their Planning templates in order to collect Chalk & Wire data. This way, Chalk & Wire users can effortlessly add reports from Results Analytics for easy consumption by institutional constituents.  


  1. The Campus Labs Data Source field on Planning templates now includes the ability to select a Chalk & Wire data source for site administrators to include:



  1. Individuals who have created a report of rubric data in Chalk & Wire can click a button to connect to that data source within a Planning item:



  1. A list of reports available in that user’s Chalk & Wire library will then appear for selection:



  1. A tabular view of Chalk & Wire report data then displays within the Planning item and any relevant Planning reports:




More about Chalk & Wire 
Beyond ePortfolios, Chalk & Wire allows faculty and administrators to help students organize and guide their learning, reflect upon it, and showcase it to others. With experiential learning management and formative and summative ePortfolio assessment, students and faculty can create multiple professional looking pages in institutionally structured and/or freeform web-based ePortfolios. Collaborative ePortfolios may be utilized for student group or team activities. Users may download or share individual artifacts or their entire portfolio and can restrict access to content when confidentiality is important. 

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