To establish a connection or relationship from one plan item to another (e.g. connect your unit goal up to an institutional strategic goal) first navigate to the related tab within the item you would like to relate.

All related items connections are hierarchical, so next you will determine the direction of this related items connection. Is this item a smaller component connected up to a larger initiative? Or is this a larger initiative that is supported by other items?

Select + Supports or + Supported By depending on the direction of the connection you are establishing.

Next, on the left hand side navigate to the correct time period, plan, and institutional unit this will allow you to find the content you need to connect to. In this example, we are indicating that our item connects to an institutional strategic goal (therefore we needed to be within the Hometown University Strategic Plan and have Hometown University selected in the organizational chart).

Click the plus sign next to the item to which you would like to connect. Once you have completed this step you can scroll down and select Back to Plan Item. You can modify these related items at any time.