Site administrators have the option to enable Baseline, Outcomes, or Portfolio data sources for their users. Like all template fields, site administrators have the ability to add or remove fields at any point in time. It is important to know that if you delete a field and data has been entered into that field it will be deleted as well. 

To allow users to make use of these fields we first need to add them to the desired template. You have the option to add multiple Anthology Data Source fields from the field selector within the template builder.

When adding an Anthology Data Sources field you will need to choose which data source you wish to use, either Baseline, Outcomes, or Portfolio. If you wish to add all fields or multiple fields you simply need to click the blue "+ Field" button and choose another Anthology Data Sources field.

If you would like to see what the experience is like for end users when adding Baseline data sources or Outcomes data sources we encourage you to review Baseline Data Source or Outcomes Data Source or Portfolio Data Source articles. It is important to keep in mind that user permission within Outcomes and Baseline will impact their ability to make use of these fields.