We are very excited to announce some great new features to the Planning application that we believe will enhance collaboration and communication for Planning users, as well as improve overall workflow and decrease redundancies in work performed.

These features are all available right away for Planning users that are working in Planning Version 2.0. If your institution is still working in Planning version 1 and you would like to take advantage of some of these features, we encourage you to reach out to your site administrator or campus consultant to find out how you can get your institution upgraded. 

Plan Item Read Mode

A piece of feedback we received from users was that they enjoyed that when they clicked on a plan item it went directly into editing mode but at times they desired a "read view" that provided a better experience for reviewing content once they had finished creating it. We are happy to announce that users now have the ability to toggle between a reading and editing experience.

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Sharing a Plan Item & Sharing a Report

Working through an assessment or strategic planning process is a highly collaborative endeavor and there is perhaps no more of an essential tool in this process than email. It is for that reason that we excited to provide users with a new way to share content via email within Planning.

Learn More About Report Sharing Learn More About Item Sharing

Link Plan Items with Unit Documents

File management is a key element in providing evidence within the assessment and strategic planning process and we heard your feedback about wanting features that help with this process. Your feedback did not go unnoticed and we are excited for you to try out the ability to link files from your department "Documents" area to plan items.

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