In the screenshot below we have identified a Student Affairs report, 2017-2018 Unit Strategic Plan Summary that we would like to have another user review and provide feedback. While we could assume that a user from the same division or lower could log in and generate the report themselves, we want to prioritize it and get their attention on it, rather than waiting for them to log in and generate it themselves. 

In an effort to enhance any given users ability to direct focus on content within Planning, users now have the ability to send an email notification to another user(s) for a given report.


In order to email a user and get their attention on this report, I will first need to click on the report drop-down and click "View Report".


Once I click on the "View Report" button, a secondary tab will open where the report will open in a read mode. At the top of the page in the report header, you will see a "Share Item" button, as shown below.


Searching and Selecting Users

Once I clicked on the "Share Item" button, a sub menu will display, as shown below. Here I will be able to search for the Planning user I would like to share the report with.

I am looking to share this item with Jenna, so I simply type Jenna's name into the search box and I get a list of users that match my search criteria. Once I find the user I am looking for, I click on their name to add them to the list of individuals I'd like to share this item with.


Sending Email Notification

Below you can see that I have added Jenna to the list of users that I would like to share this item with. If I need to add additional users, I would simply search for them the same way I did Jenna and add them to the list. If I make a mistake and add the wrong user, I can click the blue "x" button next to their name to remove them from the list.

Once I have added the users I would like to share this item with I can click the "Share PLan Item" button in the bottom right-hand corner and an email will be sent to the users listed.


Example Email

When Jenna logs in to her email she will see an email from Campus Labs with the relevant information regarding the item that was shared with him and a link to quickly access the said report.