At a certain point, a user will like to review the content they have created inside the Planning application. When a user first clicks into a plan item, depending on permissions, they are brought directly to the editing experience of the plan item. While this makes the editing and creation of content very quickly, sometimes you would like to provide your content with a holistic review, which means reading it thoroughly. 

To provide users with the best reading experience, users can toggle to a read view by clicking the "Read View" button located at the bottom right corner of the plan item.


Upon clicking the "Read View" button a secondary tab will open with the respective item in a cutdown version to enhance readability. 


There are a few key items to note in the read-only view that appear in the top menu bar. Those are when the item was last modified,  the ability to jump right back into editing mode by clicking the "Go to Item in Planning" option, and the option to print the single item and save it as a PDF.


When you click the print button your browser will popup a print dialogue box, similar to the one below depending on the browser you are using. To save the item as a pdf simply change the destination to "Save as PDF". Upon doing so, your browser will save the item to your machines downloads area.