Site administrators have the option to enable multiple Plan item file storage options for their users. Both the Large Rich Text Box and Sources field option both provide the ability to link files from a unit's Documents area or directly upload a file to a plan item from a user's desktop. 

Like all template fields, site administrators have the ability to add or remove fields at any point in time. It is important to know that if you delete a field and data has been entered into that field it will be deleted as well. 

To allow users to make use of these fields we first need to add them to the desired template. You have the option to add multiple Large Rich Text Box and/or Sources fields from the field selector within the template builder.


Once you have added the field and given it a name and instructions you will want to choose if you wish to allow users to work with both the Document File Link option or Direct File Attachment


You will know you have enabled an option when you see a green checkmark, as shown below.


Once you have added either a Large Rich Text Box or Sources field to a template and enabled either the Plan Item or Linked Documents option it will appear within the chosen template as shown below. 

Regardless of what a users permission has been set for the Documents area, they will be able to link files to items. You can see what that experience looks like by reviewing this article.