It is difficult to conceptualize reporting needs for different areas across your institution. Anthology Planning allows you to customize plans and templates for any data points that need to be collected, which can be overwhelming at the start. It's knowing you want to paint something awesome, but ultimately staring at a blank canvas. Getting started can be the hardest part.

Let us help! Anthology stores a variety of best practices plans and templates that we can pre-load into your institution's site that you can review and customize as needed.

Example Anthology Best Practice Plans:

Annual Assessment

Evaluation and Improvement

Institutional Effectiveness

Service/Operational Areas

Student Outcomes

Student Affairs

...and more!

Sometimes the way you find the best idea is needing an idea to start with. These guided best practice plans include templates and fields for Mission Statements, Unit Information, Summaries, Measures, Action Plans, etc. Within each example plan, templates and fields can be customized to fit your exact needs. 

Benefits of Starting with Anthology Best Practice Plans:

  • Create a foundation for collaborative suggestions and ideas that originated outside of the institution. This might make people more open and comfortable with their ideas for changes. 
  • Leveraging these plans as a starting point allows you to iterate on an initial idea, keeping in mind that you can always make changes the next year. Do not let the idea of perfection stop you from making progress.

Other Helpful Tips for Building Your Assessment Plans:

Create a flow chart, Fill in a worksheet, or simply begin documenting and mapping your high level priorities and initiatives and break down to unit level objectives and measures. These tips paired with some best practices templates should get you on a path to success. 

All in all, if you're struggling to get started, ask us about our best practices templates. Reach out to for more information.