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Quick Start Guide

New to Planning? Here are some helpful items to help hit the ground running:

Anthology Academy provides in-depth training through guided courses and content. You can create an account with your institutional email address and then create a password. Anyone at the institution can access the Academy, and the Implementation courses are free with your product license. Note that you must be logged into the Academy before the link will take you there.

Video: Overview

Video: Introduction

Course: General Site Administrator Training

Course: Translating Campus Plans

Course: Reporting

Supplemental Guide

Technical Support provides guided steps on specific features and functions within the product. Support is the best place to start for quick overviews or questions of any particular space in the product

Community & Idea Exchange is available to all Anthology customers.
The Community is a place for Anthology users to connect and collaborate. Community is more than a platform; it’s a culture of innovation, knowledge sharing, and partnership with the global education community. You will need to create an account to access the Community.
The Anthology Idea Exchange allows you to share, like, vote, and comment on your favorite ideas, proposed and submitted by Anthology clients. Drive change in the EdTech community by sharing your ideas today.

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