We are excited to announce our latest update to the Assessment Cycle feature of Anthology Planning, which has been designed to empower users with better visibility of due dates within the Assessment Cycle on Plan items for timely data collection.

The Planning team has made improvements to the user interface of the platform to ensure that users can now easily see the Assessment Cycle phases associated with each Plan item. This will provide visibility for Site Administrators and end-users to see where each phase (e.g. Plan, Act, Check, Do) begins/ends on each plan template. Surfacing this information for users will assist in tracking progress and staying on schedule.

Users will see the due date associated with each field, as assigned in the Assessment Cycle phases. Phase Due Dates will no longer be visible once a field has content entered and if the current date is past the due date. 

Users will see a legend with associated due dates for each Assessment Cycle phase.

With this update, the Assessment Cycle Due Date legend and field Due Dates are now available to users as part of the Assessment Cycle configuration and thus requires no additional steps by the Site Administrators. This makes it easy for users to track and adhere to important deadlines and ultimately submit their assessment data on time.

Learn more about Creating Assessment Cycles and Understanding you Assessment Cycle data through Anthology Support articles.

Thank you to all of our users who suggested this functionality and worked with us to share their feedback. Please continue to share your thoughts on the Anthology Idea Exchange!