Each unit of Planning has its own Documents tab to organize related files for the purposes of planning that is shared across users with permission to a given unit. In the screenshot below is the Demo University unit documents area, which only members of that unit with permission can access.
LAB TIP: If you would like to have documents accessible to more than one unit it will need to be uploaded to each unit’s respective Documents tab. Documents supports a variety of file types (.docx, .pdf, .xlsx, .pptx, .png, .jpeg, .csv)
A user’s experience using Planning’s documents feature will vary depending on how the institution’s site administrator or users with access to manage permissions choose to set a given user's document privileges.
Document permissions can be set in the same place where plan and template permissions are set (Settings -> Permissions). Only site administrators or user’s that have been provided the ability to manage permissions can edit documents or other permission levels.
There are three levels of permissions that will determine a user’s experience for units they have been provided access to. The permission levels are admin, viewer and no access, each of which is defined below.
  • Has the ability to create, edit, and delete a document or folder.
  • Has the ability to view and open documents, but cannot delete, upload or rename files. 
No Access
  • The document tab is hidden from the user and are unable to view, add, delete, rename files or create/rename folders. 
It should be known that the permission level will apply to all of the units the user has access to. For example, if a user that has access to four units is set to “viewer” for documents, this setting will apply to all four units documents area.