A user’s experience using Planning’s reporting feature will vary depending on how the institution’s site administrator or users with access to manage permissions choose to set a given user's report privileges.


Report permissions can be set in the same place where plan and template permissions are set (Settings -> Permissions). Only site administrators or user’s that have been provided the ability to manage permissions can edit report or other permissions levels.

There are three levels of permissions that will determine a user’s experience for units they have been provided access to. The permission levels are admin, viewer and no access, each of which is defined below.


  • Has the ability to create, edit, and run a report definition.


  • Has the ability to run a report definition created by users with Admin privileges.

No Access

  • The report tab is hidden from the user and are unable to create, edit, view or run a report definition.


Admin & Viewer Permission View

In the screenshot below you can see what the user view looks like for both Admin and Viewer permission levels. The only difference between these is access to the  button. Only users with admin privileges can create a new report definition. While users with Viewer permission may only generate report definitions already created.


No Access Permission View

User’s with a reporting permission level of “no access” for their respective unit will not see the reports tab.