One of the most frequently asked question from our member campuses using Planning is “How are other institutions using this tool?” In response to this question, we have compiled a list of examples from some of our all-star campuses. These are examples of well-organized templates for sharing data from Strategic Plan Summaries to Briefing Books. If you are interested in learning more about the reports you see below, please follow up with your Campus Labs Consultant



This Institutional Assessment Report pulls a variety of data field from the current fiscal year, using comparison reports of past fiscal years as well as evaluating Marquette University’s performance against national averages. Additionally, Common Core Studies are presented in terms of Integrated Core Learning Outcomes based on the University’s nine knowledge areas.

Reporting on multiple fields within the Strategic Goal data type paints a more comprehensive picture of the process from start to finish, including identification of key players.

Not only can institutions showcase current fiscal years, but as shown in this highlighted FY 2013 Annual Report Card, Tennessee State compares data between the previous two fiscal years in multiple areas. Focus areas include enrollment, program and degree completion, satisfaction, revenue, and engagement.

Creating a Comparison Report and displaying data through the use of an infographic is a quick an easy way to display performance measures from year to year. Brunswick Community College does just that in this straightforward table.

Reporting strictly on the Progress field provides a quick overview of year-end accomplishments as well as identifying required future actions.


Infographics are a great way to share data with faculty, staff, and students. The University of Connecticut uses Planning Reports to gather a variety of information from co-curricular services and activities. The format is both informative and eye-catching presenting the intended audience with an extensive report of the University’s annual assessments.