Many institutions utilize the Planning application to collect comprehensive information about a department or program at an institution. Attached to this article are great examples of a annual review forms implemented by our member campuses. Shown in the Planning module format, these forms are a mixture of large text fields, custom choice menus, and source areas. 


Annual Review - 1

(Created by a public, 2-year Community College)

  • This form utilizes custom choice menus for the ability to filter department or program needs. For example the question regarding faculty/staff needs provides three choices in which a user can select multiple options--this is great for filtering a report for all units that need more faculty, or need more staff.
  • The instructions bubbles located throughout this form help users better understand what they are being asked to include in the form. 
  • A final text box is located at the bottom for administrators in the Institutional Effectiveness office to provide feedback to the unit as well.


Annual Review - 2

(Created by a public, 2-year Community and Technical College)

  • This form contains mostly large rich text fields that allow users to upload supporting documentation where necessary. It is completed at the end of the year as a summary of program or department operations. Additionally, using program assessment results the program or department plans for next year's operations. 
  • The "Responsible Roles" field was re-purposed so it notes who completed the form in case additional notes need to be requested.