The Compliance Assist – Planning module is a role based system, so the permissions and access levels are tied to departments in the organizational chart. Once a role is created in the system, you can easily move users in and out of the role as they enter and leave your institution. Only Site Administrators can create a role. As you are creating a role, keep in mind that permissions are cascading, meaning that the access level you create for the role will also be applicable to any child, or sub-, departments. 

To see a listing of Users and Roles already in the system follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Administration tab.
  2. Click on the Users tab.
  3. Click on the Export Users/Roles button. 

This will generate a spreadsheet with all of your users currently in your school's Planning site.


To create a Role in Planning, follow the steps below!

  1. Click on the Administration tab.
  2. Click on the Roles sub-tab.
  3. Click through the organizational chart to locate the department folder the role should live in.
  4. Click the “+ Add New Role” button.
    • Enter a Role name. This name typically corresponds to the person’s current job title. (Ex: “Coordinator”, or “Chair.”
    • From the “Assigned User” drop down list, select the name of the person who will occupy this role.
  1. When creating the Role within the department, you will need to give the Role custom permissions to Courses, Roles, and Reports. For each of these there are three levels of access:
    • No Access:  No Access to the particular area of the site
    • View:  Read-only access to the particular area of the site
    • Manage:  Allows for adding/editing/deleting of items in the site
  1. You will also need to give the Role access to specific Data Type Templates within the department. For each Data Type, there are four levels of access.
    • No Access:  No view access to the Data Type
    • Reviewer:  Read-only access to the data item in the department or child departments
    • Contributor:  Editing and contributing access to the Data Types in the department (does not give the ability to add or delete items)
    • Administrator:  Allows for adding/editing/deleting items in the department or child departments
  1. When finished assigning permissions for the Role, click the green, “Add” button in the lower-right of the window.
  2. Be sure to click the blue "Save Changes" button above the work space before you move on to a different department.


*For a video demonstration of creating roles and assigning permissions, see the video below.