Data Type Templates are forms created by Site Administrators in the Planning module to collect planning and assessment information throughout a Division or the entire institution. Templates are customized per institution, and you can work with your Consultant on the best fields to include for a multitude of purposes. For a video demonstration of creating data type templates, see the video below.


  1. Go to the Administration tab.
  2. Go to the Data Types sub-tab.
  3. Click “+ Add New Data Type.” A new window will appear.
  4. Name your template with both a singular and plural name.
  5. Choose an icon to represent your template (an icon library is pre-populated for you).
  6. Assign which Plan you would like the template to belong to.
  1. Choose options for Related Data:
    • Please contact your support coordinator for an explanation of:
      • “Force this data type to automatically be related to all supporting items”
      • “Allow this to be a Master Data Type”
      • “Allow this to be related to course sections”
    • Be sure to set the public setting for this template.
      • The “Public for all” option will allow all users, regardless of the location of their Role in the organizational chart to navigate to the “Institution” tab of Planning and view the information in read-only mode.
      • The “Public for this Department or lower” will allow users with Roles in a sub-department view the information in their parent department in read-only mode.
  1. Choose the fields you would like included in your template from the “Available Fields” section on the right of the window. Simply click on the Available Field and drag it into the Included Fields area of the template. You will notice a dotted line for the location the field will fall into.
    • If you would like to customize the field, click on the name of the field (shown in blue text). A new window will appear to edit the name of the field in the template. For select fields, other options are available (i.e. File Library, number restrictions, etc.). To add instructions for the field, click on the check box next to “Show Instructions?” A blank text field will appear to type in particular instructions for that field. These instructions will appear as an “I” bubble to the right of the field in the template.
  1. After you have chosen your fields, renamed, or reordered them (by clicking and dragging up or down), click the green “Save” button in the bottom right corner of the window. This will keep you in edit mode of the template, and you will be able to establish template relationships in the “Hierarchy” tab located in the upper-right of the window. For information on how to use the “Hierarchy” tab, contact your Product Specialist.
  2. When your template is complete, click the “Save & Close” button in the bottom-right of the window.
    • NOTE: In order for a user to access this template in their workspace, you must navigate to the Roles tab and assign permission levels for this new data type template. To assign permissions, see Roles & Permissions.