The Planning module’s home page allows you to customize announcements for your users when they first enter the site. These announcements can be simply text, or contain attachments. To manage the announcements follow the steps below!

*Note: a user must be a Site Administrator, or have specific permissions set within their user profile to manage announcements.

  1. When you enter the Planning module, you will automatically land on the Home page.
  2. Click on the blue, “Manage Announcements” button beneath the homepage banner.
  3. On the next page, you can click “+Add New Announcement” to create a new message.
  4. Add your title, text, expiration date, and attach documents if desired.
    • Note: when the Expiration Date passes, the announcement will be removed from the Home page, but still be accessible in edit mode within the Manage Announcements area. To ensure an announcement is never removed from the Home page, extend the Expiration Date decades into the future.
  1. When finished, click “Create Announcement.”
  2. To edit an existing announcement, click on the title of the announcement within the Manage Announcements page, and then click the blue “Edit Announcement” button at the bottom of view mode. Be sure to save the announcement when finished. From this page, you can also delete existing announcements.