If you would like data from a year copied over to the next year in your site, please contact your consultant or support@campuslabs.com. Planning has the ability to copy an entire years’ worth of data or just one item within your org chart.

When reaching out, please identify the following:

1. The data types you would like copied.

  • "Data types" refer to the following templates which are created here by a site administrator:


  • Once your data type templates are finalized, you can add new items within a plan. The data types can then be selected by users to create new items within individual units:



2. The fields within a specific data type you would like copied over.

  • We can copy the content for only certain fields within a data type, or all of them.
  • Any fields not selected during the copy process will be brought over blank (i.e., the name and type will be present, but no previously entered text or work will be copied over.)



3. If there are any restrictions or preferences for when we lock the applicable fiscal year to begin the copy.

  • During the process of copying, the year being copied will be locked, not allowing for edits to that year to be made.
  • A best practice would be to ask for the copy during a specific time of day when users will not be working in the site or during a day you've picked as a “Copy Day.” This will give you time to alert your users that the site will be locked for a period of time on that day.

Please note: If you do not need all instances of each data type from one fiscal year copied, you can copy items one by one. This is useful when only a few items need to be copied from one fiscal year into another.