The Budget tab in the Planning module is used for requesting funding related to assessment efforts. We typically advise that this tool is used for funding requests and do not recommend it for financial management.

Initial Setup:
In order for the Budget tool to be utilized, you must first load Budget Accounts and General Ledger Codes into your site. This can be done using the following steps:

  1. Log into your site.
  2. Click the “Administration” tab at the top
  3. Select the “Budget” tab
  4. Go to “Budget Accounts/General Ledger Codes”



The Budget Account is the account where the funding would be placed if approved. To add a new account, click +Add New Budget Account. To edit an existing account, click on the name of the existing account, and click +Edit Selected Budget Account.

NOTE: Be sure you’re in the correct fiscal year.



What is the General Ledger used for?
The General Ledger is the primary account from which funding is taken.

For example, if the Admissions department requests funding for postage of marketing materials, the budget account would be Admissions, while the General Ledger would be Postage/Shipping.

Essentially, the General Ledger is a holding account for the money that is allocated to various departments.

How to add a new General Ledger code:
To add a new GL Code, click +Add New General Ledger Code. To edit an existing account, click on the name of the existing account, and click +Edit Selected General Ledger Code.

NOTE: Be sure you’re in the correct fiscal year.


The accounts and ledger codes are customized per campus. While you can add them manually, they can also be imported by the Development team (via request to The information that the Development team will need will be a spreadsheet with the appropriate fields as shown in the site:

  • Name
  • Code
  • Fiscal Year
  • Amount.

NOTE: We encourage you to make this request if there is a large number of accounts that need to be added.


Budget Requests:
After Budget Accounts and General Ledger Codes are created, you must insert the Budget Request(s) field into a data type. This field can only be utilized once per data type, but multiple requests can be submitted through the one field.

Some campuses choose to insert the Budget Request(s) field into an existing data type such as an Outcome or Goal. Other campuses prefer to have a data type dedicated to Budget Request(s) only.




User Experience:
When a user is completing the request field, they are able to submit multiple requests in the one budget field.



When the user clicks +Add New Budget Request, they’ll receive the window below.



The user will need to provide the following:

  • a Description of the request
  • the Amount of the request
  • the Fiscal Year the request pertains to
  • their Budget Account

They are also able to attach any necessary documentation for the request. Remember to click Save.

NOTE: The request will have a Status of Pending until it is rejected or approved by the budget administrator.

Approving/Rejecting Requests:
For a budget administrator to approve or reject a request, they will go to the Administration > Budget tab.

There are three sorting options for the Budget Requests sub-tab via the View By drop-down menu:

  • by Status
  • by Budget Accounts
  • by GL Codes

NOTE: When viewing by Status, all Pending will requests will appear at the top.



To approve or reject the request, click on the Description of the request link. In the new window, a blue section will appear at the top, with the actual request from the user toward the bottom of the window.



If the Budget Administrator wishes to view the full data type the request is located within, they can click on the link located to the right of the “Requested From” field.

The Budget Administrator will assign a GL Code to the request, provide any comments regarding the approval or rejection, and then click Approve or Reject.

Note: The comments do NOT print in any report outputs.


After approved or rejected, the administrator can also override the decision by clicking Override and choosing a new option.


Printing Budget Requests:
When including the Budget Request(s) field in a report, you will include the field in Step 3 of the report writer. Once the field is selected, you will click on the name of the field (it is a blue link at this point), and select which Status options to print.

You have the opportunity to print only Pending, only Approved, only Rejected, or All Requests.