In addition to Planning's user permissions, template field permissions offer another layer of granularity. Adjusting field level permissions will apply to all users for a given permission level. For example, if we uncheck the "view" option for "Administrators" for our example field in the screenshot below, then all users with the access of administrator for the template this field belongs to will no longer be able to see or edit this field while working in the application. 

If we were to uncheck "Edit Responses" box for administrators, then they would still see the field and its contents, but not be able to edit the field contents. 

Only users that have been given site administrator access will be able to edit field permissions. To edit field permissions follow these steps:

Navigate to the settings menu through the left-hand navigation Screen_Shot_2017-08-30_at_11.03.31_AM.png
Click on Plans Screen_Shot_2017-08-30_at_11.06.15_AM.png
Select the Plan that contains the template you wish to adjust  
Select the template that contains the fields you wish to adjust  
Select the field that you wish to adjust permissions to and click on the drop-down to open the field options