Required Template Fields

Each template inside of Planning has a set of required fields. These fields are denoted by a lock icon to the right of the field name (see screenshot below).  Below is a list of required fields and a description of the field as well. 



LAB TIP: While these fields are required to create a template, they can be reordered or hidden from the view of end users by adjusting the field permissions. 


Field Type Field Description

Title of item that will be displayed us unit workspace


Starting date (m/dd/yyyy) of item


End date (m/dd/yyyy) of item


Institution provided options to measure the progress of a given item. 

Providing Department

Populates the name automatically based on the department the item was created in

Responsible Roles

Allows a user to assign themselves (or someone else) responsible for accomplishing the item


Additional Available Fields

While a template can be made up of only required fields, site administrators have the ability to add additional fields depending on the institution's overall implementation plan. Below is a screenshot of where additional fields can be added when building a new template, as well as a list of fields and a description.




Field Type Field Description
Anthology Data Source

Integrated sources of data from Baseline survey saved views, aggregate Outcomes data, or Portfolio reports of rubrics data

True/False Display a check box that equals "True" when checked and "False" when unchecked
Choice Custom drop-down menu that can be customized by the institution
Currency Formats number to a currency format ($0.00) 
Date Date field in the format of (mm/dd/yyyy)
Confidence Institution provided options to measure the confidence of a given item
Description Text box with plain text formatting to serve as an introductory description of the given item
Number Identifier Single line of text that can accept numeric or text value that is displayed in the summary area of the unit workspace
Percent Complete Provides users the ability to enter a value as a percentage out of a total possible 100%
Recipient Roles Allows user to select from a list of users who have permissions to the item. This is only for display purposes to list individuals on an item
Number Single line that can display a number as a percentage or decimal point
Large Rich Text Box Rich text field with an attached file library that can be turned on or off
Small Rich Text Box Rich text field with similar capabilities as the large rich text box without the ability to have a connected file library
Sources Provides an area for additional document storage for the template. A template can have only one sources field per template
Text Box Single Line Single line of plain text with a 255 character limit