The Progress Indicator field is often used to measure the level of Confidence a user has with their assessment for a given objective, but it can be renamed or repurposed for the needs of an institution.

The Progress Indicator field provides users, by default, the selection options of Ongoing, Completed, On Schedule, Overdue, Delayed, Canceled or In Review. These options can be renamed, reordered or added to meet the needs of a given institution. Because this is a single field, the options are the same for all plan templates this field is added to and can only be adjusted by Site Administrators.

Progress Indicators can be used to filtering/ordering data when building a report. For example, if a site administrator would like to see goals for a given unit of the institution that has not been completed a report can be filtered using the progress field to return goals based on progress value. Similarly, finding items that have no progress value set can be produced through the report builder as well using similar filter logic.



Screenshot of Site Administrator editing options available to users of Planning in the General settings section.


The screenshot below demonstrates what the Progress Indicator field looks like for a user making a selection within an assessment template.


End user view of selecting an option from the progress indicator for an assessment.