The upgraded Planning application will be removed from the Compliance Assist group and its respective landing page, which is pictured below. Most users are familiar with going to the Compliance Assist landing page, to access Planning, or perhaps by navigating to the direct link of their Planning application that may look something like this ( 




Another way many users make their way to a given institution's Compliance Assist landing page is by going to the Campus Labs landing page and clicking on the Compliance Assist block, picture directly below.




With the upgraded version of Planning, the previous methods for getting to your institution's Planning site will change slightly. Planning will now have it's own block on the Campus Labs landing page, as shown below. If you have previously come to the Campus Labs landing page and clicked on Compliance Assist to access Planning you will now want to simply click on the Planning block instead of the Compliance Assist block.



In order to ease users into change regarding the methods in which Planning is accessed, we will be, for a period of time, keep a link to Planning on the Compliance Assist landing page that will re-direct users to the upgraded version. While we will redirect user traffic for a window of time, it is important that you and other users begin training yourselves to using the Campus Labs landing page as your main launching point for all of your instituion's Campus Labs products.