Site administrators have the ability to send a notification to all Planning users or responsible users of a plan item. To see this new functionality in action, watch this video in the Anthology Academy.


To navigate to the messaging functionality, click on the envelope icon in the sidebar menu.

All Users

When you use the All Users option an email will be sent to all users you've added to your Planning site. To see all users, navigate to Settings -> Users.

You as the site administrator will get the email message when using this option.


Responsible Users

This option allows you to only message users who have been assigned as a responsible user on a plan template item. Choose the academic year, Plan and then Plan Item that you would like to message the responsible users of. After making your selections the Email Recipient(s) field will auto populate with the email addresses of the associated responsible users. You can then add or remove email addresses from the recipient list.

You can learn more about the responsible user functionality in this support article.



Don't forget to include a link to your institutions planning site so that users know where to go. You might also consider adding your email address in case users have questions.


Additional Information

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